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In our globalized world full of challenges and opportunities, risks of all nature have dramatically increased. Emphasized by the economic crisis and transnational activities, hazardous situations such as fraud, corruption or money laundering have become major issues, forcing economic actors to protect themselves. Contracting with a new supplier, welcoming assets from a new partner, opening new branches abroad or gaining new clients and markets are all situations hiding potential threats.

In order to confront those risks, business intelligence grew subsequently thanks to the boom of new technologies to become an indispensable tool for every compliance manager.

Among all services and products to be found on the market, our Investigative Due Diligence is a major instrument, as it aims at gathering every legally available information on either a company or an individual. Our high standards of confidentiality, quality and independence are backed up by 20 years experience and by our Swiss culture and identity. We are proud to be an international reference in Investigative Due Diligence.
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Global Risk Profile